Hello Guys…In This Article I Will Show You How To Crack NETFLIX Accounts [from beginners to pro]


Before you start cracking these accounts , you will need the following.

1. RDP (A virtual machine to allow anonymity while cracking and also to ensure you are safe from any malware that is present in the cracker / checker)

2. Proxies (Paid once is more preferred , but if you really cannot afford , then just use proxy scraper to scrap some from various sources)

3. Combolist (Contains the various combinations of email:pass or user:pass which will be used by the checker to check the validity of the combo)

4. Necessary Tools : Netflix v1.1: / ANY NETFLIX TOOL , ANY Proxy Tool

Now this are the steps to crack the accounts :

Step÷1 Load your combo-list

Step ÷2 Load your proxies (Make sure to select the correct proxy type (socks5 , HTTP/s)

Step÷3 Select the number of threads you want (Usually I set to 100 , but it depends how good your PC / RDP actually is)

Step÷4 Click on start and allow the programme to run.

Step÷5 After completion , click on “save hits” to save the combos that are valid.

From my personal experience , if you would like to start a account shop / business , I highly recommend that you purchase proxies. It is a little expensive but it is 100% worth it. Shitty proxies might skip potential valid hits and thus causing the combo not to be captured.

One of the websites that I recommend purchasing from is

For combolist , if you are a beginner , it is recommended that you purchase from REPUTABLE sellers that gives you HQ accounts , or you can just leech from any forum and use em. But please don’t be an ass and appreciate people’s hardwork by giving them a like / rep . Kappa pogchamp

For Bruteforce/Checker , you can simply google to find em or look around to find em.
Last but not least , this knowledge is not ONLY applicable to Netflix but other account types as well. You just need the right TOOL and the right COMBOLIST and then BOOM , get those accounts and resell it for $$$$.


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